Monday, August 9, 2010

First Blog! First Post! Hagime Mashite!

Otsukaresama dishta! Oh my, I never expected to see the day I open my personal blog. And for it to be at this time is even stranger for me. I really tend to do things on whim at times.

Anyways.. My current aim for this blog is to start writing about the stuff that actually interest me and it's hard for me to share in other places, as well as talking about the usual stuff and news here and there. I'll also try reviewing whatever I can, be it anime, manga, games, or even figures whenever I feel like it. (me want to choose an anime to review weekly though!)

What else, maybe nothing for now nya! Oh which reminds me, "nya!" is the Japanese sound for "meow". Certain characters in anime, mainly nekomimi, always end their their sentences with nya! Like I'm doing now nya! Horo from Spice & Wolf use it even though she's a wolf, not a cat haha. Hanekawa Tsubasa from Bakemonogatari also start saying "nya!" madly at some point but I'm not gonna ruin her story for everybody now. Maybe later. xP 

These two characters are the reason for me entitling the blog with VaNYA! Yui from K-ON! deserves a mention here because she was the first to come with the idea of attaching "nya!" to the name when she started calling her kouhai and club buddy Azusa by Azunyan and started treating her like a cat lol. I'll definitely speak about my favorite characters and why I'm attached to them some other times. =)

Ah, I'm ending this post now. Took longer than I expected! Jaa!

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  1. Nice first blog :) I was surprised when I first read "Vanya" and didn't really get at first. But now I know xD Yui-chan really kawaii xD