Friday, August 20, 2010

Human Japanese: Best Way to Start!

Finally finished the PC version of the eBook. A total of 40 chapters that can build you from scratch in learning the language. Highly recommended!

I enjoyed every bit of it and now I'm ready to tackle intermediate level study books! I'll focus on piling up more vocab and mastering the different verb-forms before anything else. That way anime will help me in practicing what I learned even if I slack off (not that I intend to but I know I might lack time when school starts again). One thing I'm worried about though is finding a good source to start memorizing Kanji (any suggestions?). My goal is to learn 1000 basic characters, which equals roughly 1000 meanings, 1000 on-yomi readings, and 1000 kun-yomi readings. Not as hard as it sounds but it's still hard. It needs time and effort, time being the real issue here. x(

I sacrificed my gaming hours the past period to dedicate myself to Japanese. And tell you what, it was definitely worth it! Building new skills for yourself gives an incomparable sense of accomplishment. That's one common reason why I chose hobbies like gaming, photography, Japanese, and now blogging as mine since all require different skills to achieve. I say enough of wasting our precious "salad days" already! xP

As I'm on the subject of linguistics, let me be random here and remind myself about old news.. I'll say it bluntly, English is the most boring language on earth. I failed to find any soul in it, probably because English is soulless from the start. That being said, it's convenient in a way, because it makes saying difficult words like "I love you" and "I hate you" easier than ever if you catch what I mean. Another example is "good bye", which is supposed to be a sad phrase since it should mean the "last bye", but what's with the happy tone in there?! Maybe it's the most fitting one as a universal language after all, since other than being tasteless, it also lacks a basic component of other languages, that component is "home", that home is "culture". I don't want to get deeper and blab about things I know nothing about, so this should be a good point to stop. Please, I might be completely wrong about all of what I said so I welcome criticism here or any other place for the matter. Might as will keep my randomness to myself next time things pop in my head.. xD

link: Human Japanese Site

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