Monday, August 9, 2010

Review: Figure - Momohime Alter PVC 1/8 Scale

I became a dedicated Vanillaware's fan after finishing Odin Sphere and getting captured by its magic 4 years ago. My love for them constantly grew since then. It continues to grow even now as I'm waiting impatiently for any media of their newest project "Three Graces", which will probably adapt the Greek mythology this time (Odin Sphere adapted the Norse mythology, and Oboro Muramasa adapted Japanese kabuki plays and folk tales). I also can't stop thinking about all the pre-ordered figures I'm waiting for, I have to say I was lucky that Alter decided to re-release their Odin Sphere figures. I'm guessing maybe they did it because they're planning to announce Velvet who's the only heroine left without an Alter figure. Yamato already announced their Gwendolyn figure but didn't show the sculpture yet. No worries since it's a story-image figure like Mercedes and Velvet which is great!

Anyways, I pre-ordered Momohime when she was announced in March. After 5 months of wait, she finally arrives home!

  • Origin: Oboro Muramasa, Vanillaware inc.
  • Name: Momohime
  • Sculpted By: Fukumoto Naritaka
  • Production: Alter
  • Scale: 1/8 (2100mm)
  • Price: 7,800 yen
One of the 2 playable characters in "Muramasa the Demon Blade". She's kind of a tomboy but she doesn't start fighting using the Oboromuramasa style until Jinkuro possesses her by mistake when he intended to steal her fiance, Yokinojyu's, body. What we see right here is supposed to be Momohime's Body possessed by Jinkuro's soul.

I love how Momohime's got so many good angles no matter how you look, the stop motion stance makes her feel alive..

Yet another awesome angle in profile view, the coloring and shading Alter did is nothing less than beautiful..

Top notch material and paint job of her katana and armor, I ask for nothing more..

The stand alone awes me. I'm seriously impressed by the care of all details from Momohime's painted nails to the splashing water under the rocks she's running on..

I did some Macro shooting to appreciate more of the hidden and tiniest details, namely the scabbard, rear view of the kimono, the hairpiece and awesome footwear (I wish for one of those sandals, not kidding xD)..

Ready to kill!!

Final Comment: 
I've got not a single complaint about Alter's work. I asked for silver and got gold instead. Yoko first and Momohime now ,both which are superb, makes me madly excited for all Alter's figures that I'm waiting for to come. Needless to say that 2 of them are Odin Sphere heroines, Gwendolyn and Mercedes. My wallet is screaming for mercy and I don't care. Figurenya Mania has just started! 

links: Alter page (Momohime)

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