Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Otter 11 One Shot Released!

Otters 11 is a fictional manga in Bakuman about an otter man trying to change the world. He has a human body and an otter face. His hands turn to rock when he has the urge to fight. The spin-off one shot representing chapter 75 was released with the latest issue of Shounen Jump!

Now I read it already. My reactions from the colored cover to the last page were all LOLs, ROFLs, and LMAOs! Great stuff making fun of some serious problems the societies suffer from, and do so in a blunt way censored only by the protagonist's appearance of an "otter-man". It's a perfect example of the serious humor spoken of in Bakuman manga. There are also too many inside jokes which prevent me from recommending this one shot to anyone who hasn't read both Bakuman and Death Note and can relate to them. On the other hand, It's packed with tons of laughs for those familiar with Ouba & Obata junction works. LOL at "Too many Yoshidas in Japan"!

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