Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Vanya's Banner: Mercedes of Odin Sphere

In case you're like me, eager to know all, this is a gift for you. The original shot of the image shown in my banner. Yes, I made it myself along with the design of Vanya Mania, and I'm kinda proud of it haha. It's taken from my first PVC scale figure, Mercedes of Odin Sphere:

I know I'm more than a decade late saying this now.. But really, photoshop is an unlimited source of magic x3

And I guess it's the proper time to say this, picasa uploads suck (#>,<)

UPDATE: It appears it was the stupidity of the automatic resize feature. I fixed most of the posts including this one and Momohime's review. My photos are as clean as I want them to be now =')

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