Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Preview: Star Driver. Did it make sense, pretty boy?!

Um, honestly I wasn't excited about Star Driver until I started watching the episode. I don't like the way studio BONES deal with anime for some reason, I think they tend to throw too much stuff in introductory episodes that always leave me unhappy and confused(They even forced an original first episode of FMA:Brotherhood for that reason haha!). Anyway, Star Driver was no exception to this rule, but some good points it had covered for it so I think I'll keep following it for some time.

Fall Season Anime Previews!

It's somehow depressing when all the anime you got attached to during the previous season start finishing one after another. And then you have to go through the difficult process of picking up the ones that match your taste from the season that follows. I don't know if I'll get accustomed to it but I'll be previewing all the shows I'm testing out this time. I'll update this post as I watch newly airing shows, or just separate them in different posts if I find that I have substance to talk about (and I might go that way for the sole purpose of filling out the blog xP).