Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Preview: Star Driver. Did it make sense, pretty boy?!

Um, honestly I wasn't excited about Star Driver until I started watching the episode. I don't like the way studio BONES deal with anime for some reason, I think they tend to throw too much stuff in introductory episodes that always leave me unhappy and confused(They even forced an original first episode of FMA:Brotherhood for that reason haha!). Anyway, Star Driver was no exception to this rule, but some good points it had covered for it so I think I'll keep following it for some time.

The first good thing was hearing the voice of Miyano Mamoru (the seiyu of Yagami Light in Death Note) unexpectedly. I'm a fan, and he's performing the rule of the protagonist of the show so we'll be hearing his awesome voice-act a lot xD. I also think it's a good thing that the show doesn't take it self seriously from what we have seen. I don't like the Mecha shows for being too serious about themselves and Star Driver is quite the opposite, it's crazy! It didn't give me the impression that it will be as good as Gurren Lagann which was peerless regarding that but it's still a nice start, and I think a particular scene toward the end of the episode was taken from the last battle in Gurren Lagann shamelessly! I also heard it made jokes of some popular Mecha series but I'm not experienced in the genre so I don't know about that.

I'm not sure I like all the settings she show had, I particularly didn't like the mask and ritual bits about it. It reminded me about the mask in Darker than Black (I only watched the first episode and stopped for reasons I stated about BONES xD). BUT, the Mecha designs were neat! I bet Mecha lovers are delighted with what they've seen, and waiting for even more to come. I'm just wondering what people think about the "Galactic Pretty Boy" thingy, it was too stupid I thought it was hilarious haha!

I know my thoughts are not connected, and I blame the way people at studio BONES direct anime again for that! Maybe the OST was nice, but like FMA it was sparse so you can't make a judgment. A lot of characters were introduced too and the voice selection was great (Maybe too great, I wanted to hear Mamoru acting the voice of Takagi in Bakuman instead /x). Drawing style looks good but I can't stop thinking it's an animated copy of Takeshi Obata style (Death Note and Bakuman mangaka, maybe I was thinking about them too much at the time!). the animation itself was awesome when it needed to be, I know so because I still have the scene of Galactic Pretty Boy fight repeated in my mind! I can't say anything about the story now but nothing kept me waiting to see what happens next. I'll wait for a couple of episodes to make a judgment about that, and it will probably decide if I'll continue following the show or not.

Mania Gauge: X X X _ _ !!

Scoring Note:
X _ _ _ _ !! = Meh...
X X _ _ _ !! = Bored..
X X X _ _ !! = Neutral.
X X X X _ !! = Excited!
X X X X X !! = Maniac!!

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