Monday, January 3, 2011

Room Update: More Figures, Still Want More!

A lot of items came since the last time I updated. My original plan was to make individual reviews for each, but the increasing load and getting back to school prevented me from doing so. Anyway, it's not just the figures that grew in number but we also bought a new desk for PC and a bookshelf recently, so I thought of showing how we arranged the stuff. No, I didn't re-organize anything for the photo-shoot. I'm just obsessed with order for my own good =3

Here is where I spend my time on PC. Gwendolyn (the birdie girl) stands out even among all the other awesome ones around! But they're not to be underestimated there X(

A closer look at the shelf. I love this shelf! Asuka (in yellow red suit) looks so elegant on that bar unlike her usual self. <3 The others from left to right are Momohime, Mercedes, Gwendolyn, and Mercedes yet again. XP All of them are Vanillaware's heroines, figured how much I'm attached to Vanillaware by now? XD

Shiawase koi koi yatte koi~! Maneki Neko is here, and Nekomimi Shiki is welcoming you as well! I couldn't resist slipping a peep at my glasses here haha. Notice Saber's interesting reflection on the iPhone screen too! XO

King Kazuma and two of the K-ON club members are ready to rock! They look lonely don't they? I know I know.. Yui and Mio will be joining in very soon but Ritsu is so stubborn she'll only come after three months, or she might be just lazy packing up her drum-set haha. I'll have to make some full club photos when all join in anyways! =D

Oh these are the puchi Bakemonogatari cast gathered. Shinobu with her donuts is definitely my favorite in the set, but all have a special place in my heart ><" (especially Hanekawa Tsubasa [megane/glasses] who I can relate to too much maybe X3)

Double Black Rock Shooter treat! Looking cool together ne? But why buy two in first place?! Long-story short, I got one for free ;3

King Kazuma the king of bookshelf! Lame I know so don't bother.. But that usagi plushie OMG kawaii darou? His arms and legs are movable, too X3

You might have seen Hatsune Miku in my review before, but I couldn't stop myself from snapping a shot of her. Just look how attracting she is with the lamp lighting up her hair (Q.Q)

The brave Saber is ready to strike! But why hide in the shadows? Don't worry, I just found her photo-shoot captures which I made before this semester in my DSLR. I'll use them in a review for her very soon, she's amazing she deserves a post on her own (The others do as well but darn I have no time T.T)

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